How To Keep Off The Weight You Have Just Lost

So you have just lost a massive amount of weight, congratulations! But don’t pop the champagne bottle just yet, your next challenge will be keeping off that weight.  It’s no fun being the bearer of bad news, but that’s the truth. More often than not, the tricks you needed to lose weight are not the same ones needed to stay lean and healthy; and this is where some people go wrong and end up regaining every pound of weight they lost during their weight loss effort.By the way, one program that helps you not only lose weight really cheaply but keep it off is Nutrisystem.

The good news is that science has found a way you can prevent the weight you have just lost from coming back. By using the foods you will learn about in this article, you can avoid regaining weight. They will even work for people who used a strict diet regimen to lose their weight.

Basically, to avoid gaining more weight, you need to eat more vegetables and plants. These foods are more complex, and they will keep you satiated for longer, which should help keep away the temptation to overeat or resort to eating unhealthy fast foods.

But here are foods you can use to keep the pounds you have just lost from coming back.


This vegetable is very low in calories, with a cup having just 32 calories. Asparagus will also keep you full for longer and prevent any unwanted food cravings.


Lemons have been known to boost metabolism, and that makes it harder for the body to put on more weight. Besides, lemon flavoring makes most other healthy foods, which are not so tasty, a lot more tolerable.

Brown Rice

You might feel a very strong urge to avoid carbohydrates, but you have to eat them to stay healthy. But to avoid gaining weight from their consumption, you should consider options such as brown rice. With its low calories (216 in a cup of cooked brown rice), you will not be undoing the work you put into losing weight by eating this food.

Dark Chocolate

You should eat this in place of milk chocolate. Dark chocolate contains 17% less calories, and it promotes satiety because it has asteric acid which slows down digestion and makes you feel satisfied for longer.

Egg Whites

In comparison to other high-carbohydrate foods, egg whites are better for people who have just lost weight because they have also been proven to aid in weight loss. Egg whites are low in calories, and yet contain the protein you need to stay health and satiated.


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