How to Coupon at Walmart

Do you love shopping at Walmart? Do you want to start saving more money when you buy items at Walmart? I personally love going to Walmart because it sort of has a bit of everything for your home, kitchen, and all of the things I need on a daily basis. Every time I need a drink or want to get items for my home, Walmart has it all.

The problem is saving money. Sometimes, I can end up buying $100+ worth of products without realizing it! And so it can get expensive. It wasn’t until discovered how coupons can be used at this store. Coupons have saved my life so much over the past several months because of the savings when shopping.

How To Coupon At Walmart

Here are some of my most useful tips for finding and using these coupons. These tips will help you locate where to get these amazing coupons to use specifically at Walmart.

Grab Walmart Coupons At The Store

When visiting Walmart, you need to make sure that you check out their savings booklets on the counter. Sometimes, they’ll have somebody willingly giving these to you before you exit the store, or they might give it to you as you checkout after buying stuff. At the store, there are always newspapers and other booklets that have several discounts and coupons for you to take advantage of. Checking these out and watching out for them is a worthwhile thing to do, especially since these are all discounts for you to use specifically inside of the store Walmart. Don’t be afraid to ask the cashier if they have any of these papers or booklets whenever you shop.

Buying Coupons On eBay

There are countless people who have been able to save their coupons that they could have otherwise used at places like Walmart. Since they don’t need their coupons they decide to sell them on sites like eBay. This website has multiple bids going on for selected coupons you can buy for a few dollars, and even some for less than a $1. It’s a nice little way to save time on printing, cutting, and organizing the coupons since they’ll just come delivered to your home.

Price Matching

Price matching is what Walmart loves to do for their customers. Walmart wants to make sure you get the lowest possible price at their store, and this is why they utilize price matching. When you buy a product at Walmart that you know is being sold for cheaper at another store, you can go to your checkout and they’ll give you that exact price to beat it out for you. Oftentimes, they’ll want proof or at least something, and they do have limitations and requirements to take advantage of this. There are apps that they will allow for you to use. Going to websites like Grocerysmarts and using all kinds of coupon apps are great for showing the people at the cashier about the price of that product being cheaper at another store. Favado is an app you can download to your smartphone, so you can bring it with you to the store to show the cashier at Walmart the lower prices of their competitors.

Save More Online

You can actually save a lot more cash when you use the Internet. In fact, when you shop online at Walmart, they usually have much lower prices for some of their products when shopping online. With the free shipping offer, you can save bucketloads of cash when you use the Internet. Saving more is much easier this way, especially since the ship to store option allows for you to pick it up at Walmart while saving money online.

Use Ibotta

This amazing app allows you to buy your favorite brands in the stores you like (including Walmart) and then get cash back, provided that the particular product you bought is sponsored by Ibotta. It’s like a coupon app.

Websites To Get Coupons For Walmart

With the huge amount of websites there are online, you’ll come to find that coupons are always available online on different websites. The best thing to remember is to continue using these sites, printing the coupons from them, and visiting them often to get a list of their upcoming coupons. is the ultimate source for coupons for both Walmart and other stores. Their coupons are some of the best. With over 400+ coupons to download and print at any given moment! You’ll find coupons and offers in for kinds of products that you’ll need. They have different programs and colon codes for online shopping as well. Their articles, blog posts, and other content are extremely helpful for shopping smart and saving cash.

This website has some great grocery coupons you can easily download and print for yourself. Focusing primarily on groceries, this site actually can allow for you to find coupon specifically for your state, and so this makes it super easy for saving money and getting coupons that will be allowed to be used in your area. They also have hundreds of coupons from the world’s most famous brands, so you always have choices of getting cheaper prices even from top brands.

Retailmenot is is the most famous site for coupons, and you can be sure that this site gives coupons for Walmart. Check the rules on how to download their coupons, but they definitely have an easy to use site for getting coupons. The site also has coupon codes for you to use when shopping online. Simply type in Walmart at the top of the site, and you’ll find a ton of coupons you can use for the store. This site organizes coupons via store, brand, and company, so you can always find coupons specifically for Walmart

Walmart is the place to go for saving money. They know exactly how to provide great products at a price that you can pay for. However, you can always save even more when you take the time to look for coupons, coupon codes, and other ways like price matching to save even more money. Use the tips above to get into couponing. With a bit of patience, you’ll surely succeed and find coupons for the products you really want to buy. Lastly, join the sites above and stay updated on their latest discounts and coupons.

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