About Kim

Hi lucky one! I am Kim Shadlen. Welcome to my coupon blog. I am so happy that you found my blog. I hope it will save you some money.

I am originally from Canada but I currently live in Tucson, AZ. I am a born again Christian and I enjoy educating people. I am a wife to Eric Shadlen and a mom to Michael. I am 33 years old currently pursuing my masters degree in university of Arizona.

What inspired me to start this blog is to let you know that you can save a lot of cash using coupons that help you cut costs on your family basic needs and use that money for the most essential things you consider more valuable. Remember, the best way to get rich is to start saving. During my pre-coupon days, I remember I could use a minimum of $1000 on grocery and family items every month but since I learned and started using coupons I have been able to save at least $150 each month on purchasing family items.

This blog is about publishing the best savings deals and coupon codes which I find online which I would like to share with you to help you start saving your money using coupons. I am sure that you will like it just as I did! Now, I know you do buy products from the web just as I do. Last week I bought my contact lenses from the web.

Just the other day, I uploaded on Snapfish.com—an online photo and video center website—my vacation trip photos to Masai mara in Kenya, and I had them printed within one day and delivered to me the following day using a coupon code.

I really like to save as much money as possible on my online purchases. That is the time I realized that I really needed to have a blog so as I can post my updates, saving tip, savings guides and cool stuff that I find online that I would like to share with you.

So, I join me as I explore the couponing world. Any questions or comments, contact me at KimberlyShadlen@yahoo.com

I am always happy to share with you.