Nutrisystem Promotion Codes and Weight Watchers Discount Codes

After receiving a high score by the experts of USNews, Nutrisystem continues to be one of the top meal replacement diet programs. In addition to the different programs they offer (men’s, women’s, diabetics’, and seniors’), they now have special discounts. What’s more, a Nutrisystem promotion code is available for a short time.

Nutrisystem Promotion Coupon for February 2019

The discount code for Nutrisystem this month is 30OFFWeightLoss.

Getting to Know Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem is an online dieting service. This program provides already prepared, nutritionally balanced meals. You can order these meals from the company’s website and have them delivered to your door step. How do the meals taste? Most of them have a decent taste. Are they safe? Yes, they are. There was a recall of peanut butter a while ago, but other than that, all food is safe to consume. Nutrisystem used to partner with PCA (Peanut Corporation of America) for its peanut butter products, but since PCA has been the focus of salmonella investigation, Nutrisystem is no longer partnering with them. Nutrisystem meal delivery service is available all over the United States of America. The premise of this system is that one gets to register, select a diet plan from the three available on the website, and finally simply order from the available menu. The meals will be delivered to the client, wherever they are at any time. This system has proven to be a success for very many people that used to be overweight or obese The following are a couple of Nutrisystem success stories.

Success Stories


Michelle lost 41 lbs on Nutrisystem and has since then shared her success story multiple times in commercial photo shoots like the one below.

Michele is a mother from Alliance, Ohio. She had very severe weight problems that made her feel insecure and lose most of her confidence. The birth of her first child, further compounded the issue, given that, she added some more weight. Michele was distraught with the fact that she could not actively participate in events in her life. This made her feel like a spectator, watching life pass by. Michelle was introduced to the Nutrisystem program by a friend. She was very impressed with the convenience offered by this program. The fact that she was not required to memorize the dietary requirements of her meals as they were readily prepared and delivered to her house was very impressive to her. The other fact was that the variety of meals was very refreshing and made her feel like she was not dieting. She had so many choices that she didn’t feel bored. It has been three years since Michele joined the program, and today she has lost in excess of forty one pounds. This has enabled Michele to be an active participant in her day to day life, and in addition she has been able to regain her confidence.


Cory is a working mother from Carol Stream, Illinois. Cory has had a lot of challenges with regards to her weight management. She used to be very fussy about everything she ate. As a result, she tried a lot of different diets and weight loss programs, without any success. When she joined Nutrisystem Cory was very skeptical, but after sometime she started having positive results, and this encouraged her to continue. She was very impressed with the fact that she did not have to think about what she was eating, as the meals that were delivered to her were ready made and prepared by professional nutritionists. Since joining, Cory has lost thirty pounds and her food obsession is well behind her.

Nutrisystem is a household name. It has earned the trust of America. It’s the most affordable weight loss program, given that each day costs less than $10. Using the Nutrisystem promotional code I have provided, each day on Nutrisystem will cost you around $8 only.

Additional Hints

Losing weight is not a simple thing for most of us, even when we join the most effective weight loss program: Weight Watchers. But when we see another person succeed, we take heart and we can picture ourselves successful, too. This is why I am sharing with you today Julie’s success story. Of course, some of you may say: “Weight Watchers is expensive”. Not, if you use a Weight Watchers coupon.

Two Weight Watchers Online Coupons For You!

At this time, there are two Weight Watchers promotion coupons and deals for those who choose to follow the “online” version of Weight Watchers. As you know, Weight Watchers has a “Meetings” aspect, too, but not everybody likes to meet physically with other dieters and socialize their weight loss journey. Some of us prefer to be more “private” when it comes to losing weight.

So, here are the two coupons for Weight Watchers Online:

  1. Pay 50% Less When you Buy the 1-Month OnlinePlus Plan. This Weight Watchers Online coupon expires at the end of February.
  2. Lose 10 lbs and Pay Nothing for Two Months. With this offer, if you lose 10 pounds in your first two months, then Weight Watchers will refund 2-month worth of fees. So, basically, you have lost weight without any cost!

If these Weight Watchers coupon codes have not convinced you yet to join, read on to see how Julie lost weight:

If Julie Can Do it, Anyone Can

Julie’s Success Story

Discovering Weight Watchers is probably the most important moment of my entire life. After giving birth to my daughter my weight just kept increasing and I was too lazy and to depressed and too self-loathing do anything about it. I was lost, sad, my self confidence hit an all time low. The tragic death of my brother changed me and I decided to gain back control over my life. I had to face the reality of my weight problem sooner or later anyway.

I’ve decided to join Weight Watchers after hearing about it from and old acquaintance. Despite struggling in the beginning, visiting my local Weight Watchers meetings on a weekly basis has helped me a lot and in many ways made the journey easier thanks to tips and support from my group.

If I Can Do It, Anyone Can – How The Old Me Reemerged

I hated exercise before joining this program, but over time it has become an integral part of my life and I can say that, without a shadow of a doubt, it will be a part of my life as long as I’m breathing. I now run or exercise nearly every day and I have absolutely fallen in love with it. That was an epiphany.

Before joining Weight Watchers a typical meal for me would be fried chips and chicken, now it’s more likely to be a homemade dish with plenty of fresh vegetables. Nowadays, when I’m training for a race, I like to tuck into rice and pasta to keep me going, since this high carbohydrates approached worked perfectly with my weight loss. It’s not just me that gained something out of this, my whole family’s food habits have changed and we’re all much healthier and much happier than before.

In the end, all I can say is that it felt absolutely amazing reaching my goal, but the process itself was equally satisfying on many different levels. As I was losing weight weekly the old Julie started to reemerge and my self-confidence sky rocketed. With Weight Watchers I never felt lonely, desperate, hopeless or restricted in any way shape or form. All I felt was taking back control over my life and I must say, it feels amazing.

Weight Watchers has discounts each month.